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Design Services

tmh_logo48.pngVirtual IVR Designer

We provide blackrabbit16.png Global IVR design services.

We will design, operate, and maintain your personalized IVR system within the capability of  the Virtual IVR Designer and the Twilio voice/SMS service.

Design services pricing is provided by quotation on a case by case basis.

Use the Contact page on the Virtual IVR website to request a quote.


We provide concrete5_logo64.png Web site design services using concrete5 Content Management System (CMS).

concrete5 CMS is open source and is free to everyone.

The advantage of concrete5 is that it is no more difficult to change your web site than it is to use MS Word.

What is not easy for the lay person is to set it up on a public facing server and that is where we come in.

What is sweet is if you have a a wireless router in you business like the ASUS RT-N66U then one of your PC's can be setup to be a public facing server.

The combination of the concrete5 and your in house PC server results in no cost of ownership and your web site you can change yourself.

Services we provide are:

  1. Turn key New web site
  2. Server setup
  3. Website changes if you still prefer

Service pricing is provided by quotation on a case by case basis.

Use the Contact page on the Ten Mile High Website to request a quote.



crew_logo48.jpgCrew Discuss

Venturing is all about empowering youth with new skills.  Crew members would be responsible for operating and maintaining the Crew Discussion Board. In that vain, we can mentor your BSA crew_logo16.jpg Ventruing CrewDiscuss administrators at no extra cost.

For those below the age of 18 or who were permitted to extend their enrollment to obtain their Eagle Scout Badge, The CrewDiscuss Messaging Board provides those with administrator privileges, the means to meet the project requirements for the Programming and Digital Technology Merit Badges. Also, the CrewDiscuss Message Board provides a means to to work towards the Venturing Nova Award in the Computers STEM exploration.

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Yes, you can earn your Eagle Scout while you are in a Venturing Crew.

Use the contact page where I can answer any questions you might have.