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We Sale Crew Discuss, A Scouting Discussion Forum with Hosting

The Venturing Crew Discussion Forum is easy start and pre-configured and is hosted on our server.  Discussion Forums are widely used by Scouters and Troops and Venturing Crews

The Crew Discussion Forum, aids in administration, scheduling, polling, accounting, and funding of Venturing Crew and Boy Scout Troop activities. It supports an integrated on-line store, accepts monetary donations and approved registration/activity fee through your Paypal account and Paypal chip reader.

The Message Board comes with pre-installed forums and topics needed to operate a Crew/Troop efficiently.  It allows the administration more free time during meetings to Train the Scouts, endorsing them to lead, and approval of them to run the show.

It is the ideal social media for a Venturing Crew and Boy Scout Troop! Forums and topics sections can be private for Crew/Troop members only or public to inform the community of Crew/Troop activities and aid in fund raising.

Unlike Facebook, you control all aspects of the Crew's/Troop's web presence and web page content providing a consistent presentation of up to date, easily found,  and relevant on-going Crew/Troop activities.


Visit the Crew Discuss main web site

We sale Crew CMS, a Content Management System with hosting